Project Management








Business needs for any successful organization require the correct balance in the management of important factors such as time, cost, and quality, therefore, qualified professionals are needed to manage these requirements and provide solutions in multifactorial scenarios in order to guarantee the generation of results.




Our Project Managers have an interdisciplinary profile capable of coordinating work teams to achieve the objectives set by our clients.



The Project Manager of e-Learning Core acts in a coordinated way with the analysts, performing all the necessary actions for the implementation of the solutions of each client according to the designs of functionality and deadlines.




Each time we approach a new project a team is formed that integrates a Project Manager and a number of junior and senior consultants, according to the specific needs of each solution.



We coordinate all the teams that participate in your project efficiently, optimizing the resources we achieve the fulfillment of all the goals in time and on point, with this it is possible to deliver a work with the highest standards in quality of the product and service.




The contracting of one of our solutions implies a rigorous process of work that integrates in a general way the following phases:

  • Analyze requirements and data management
  • Development (map out data transformation, reports, automation, and adaptation of objects and processes
  • Fundamental installation
  • Cycle tests
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Deployment


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